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Noufou Ouedraogo


Born in Burkina Faso in January 1989, Noufou OUEDRAOGO is a Freelance journalist (Radio, TV, Magazines and Digital Media reporter), Communicator and polyglot linguist. He has been working respectively as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant at Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul (Turkey) between September 2019 and July 2021. He speaks fluently four international languages: French, English, Spanish, and Turkish. Also, he usually participates in International conferences, workshops and symposiums in line with Communication, Information, Culture, Linguistic and Media domain; just to name few.

Graduated in Communication Sciences, Noufou OUEDRAOGO did his undergraduate studies at the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso and also holds a Master Degree from Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul, Turkey; along with online education programs from the University of California, which is consolidated with his academic activities. Currently, Noufou OUEDRAOGO is a PhD candidate in Radio, TV and Communication studies and, accordingly, is conducting a PhD research project at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Furthermore, as a polyglot, Noufou also worked as a Foreign Language Teacher and a Freelance Interpreter. Hence, he has experiences in teaching French, English and Spanish at different private Schools and Language Centres in Istanbul and Ankara. Author, Noufou has written a novel entitled The 21st Century, The Century of Self-interests– published by Gece Kitaplığı in Ankara, Turkey – and a theoretical book entitled Autopsy of Post-postmodern communication, a shift of paradigm for Homo digitalis; Published by Duvar Yayınları in Izmir, Turkey.

Besides, Noufou OUEDRAOGO has published several academic articles related to media, communication, Cinema and Journalism. In short, he has a spirit of openness, critical thinking, innovation, and teamwork; reinforced by practical commitments in various domains like Teaching, Translation, voluntarism and Communication. As a result, Noufou is able, and has the willing, to perform various tasks entrusted to him. It is therefore with a great interest that he joins Afro-Mediation Team to pursue his professional fife journey.

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